09-11-2017 7:38:22 AM CST

How abouot this people...


Any questions?


09-01-2017 9:16:36 PM CST

If we have video and connecting audio of an event, can we drop the "allegedly" from the reporting? This thing with the cop and the nurse. HE DID IT!!  And didn't teach that in the medical part of his training? That you can't draw blood from an unconscious person. I'm not in either field even remotely and I know that. The veins are too relaxed and the flow is slow. (That's just me guessing. I could be wrong about why.)


08-27-2017 10:10:41 AM CST

With the hurricane, God is punishing Texas for having so many restrictions on abortion - Greg


08-26-2017 7:07:53 AM CST

I think what Trump is doing, most likely on a sub-conscious level, this Arpaio thing being the catalyst, is working the public up into a frenzy so WE are the ones who end up changing things. Because I've said it many times, "If polititians solved our problems they'd be out of a job. That's why they don't."

If Clinton had been elected there would have been very little change in the status quo of the presidency and it's relationship with the country and the world. The public would have gone back to the same murmur of complaints. Instead we have readicals that are emboldened and others who are pissed that they are.


08-14-2017 7:08:36 PM CST

This Trump thing is better than any reality show I've ever seen. Haven't seen a lot of them but this one isn't prompted by producers.


08-14-2017 6:33:27 PM CST

1) Kim Jong Un is like a chihuahua (My apologies to the lovers of the little pooch, I love dogs too.)

     They both bark the loudest and fiercest in order to make up for their diminutive stature.


2) I hear how the white supremists say: "We need to take back our country!"

       But what they don't say is, "We stole it from the natives fair and square."


08-13-2017 5:19:28 PM CST

I just realized I'm poor because early on I chose to explore life instead of sit in it.


08-13-2017 11:03:00 AM CST


If you're European-American and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're African-American and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Hispanic-American and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Asian-American and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Other-American and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Alien-American and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're AnythingElse-American and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.




08-12-2017 6:34:25 PM CST

I just read some of the reactions to Jennifer Lawrence's Vogue cover. More than one mentioned that there was a white woman representing American Beauty?" How about "just a person" is representing the beauty of America.  The same question could and would be asked regardless of what race the person is. There's only one person there. Unless you can find a famous person who is white, african, (other black who is not from africa)n, (don't forget north africa, they're different from the blacks who are from africa, these are kind of dark brown,) asian, hispanic, jewish, slavic, and french, and mixed up exactly evenly - SHUT UP!!!

And maybe she doesn't have anything to promote at the time but SO WHAT!!!


08-09-2017 9:08:31 PM CST

The Republicans couldn't come up with a health care plan....that kept their profits intact.


08-07-2017 8:40:27 AM CST

A while back a co-worker made a mind boggling statement...

“If we raise the minimum wage from $10 to $15, that's a 50% increase," She said, "then those making a million dollars a year will get one-and-a-half million. The economy wouldn't be able to support that.”

After shaking off the absurdity of the statement I said, “Okay then, how do you explain the fact that the minimum wage has remained stagnant during the last ten years while the income of the wealthy has risen exponentially?” Of course, she couldn't explain that and turned to saving face. “Okay, smart ass, what do you think would happen?”

Pulled out my imaginary white board from behind my back and proceeded to give an economics lesson, “If you give a rich person an extra thousand dollars, what are they going to do with it? They're going to put it in the bank and leave it there because they already have the money to get whatever they need or want. If you give a poor person an extra thousand dollars they'll take it out and spend it because they have a long list of needs (let alone wants) that haven't been met yet. It continues to be circulated in the economy, more product is bought from stores so they have to make more widgets, and their business grows naturally, the way it should to make it successful.”

It's fun to see the look on people's faces when logic outweighs ignorance. Especially when their ego is trying to force them to be “right.”


07-31-2017 9:11:16 PM CST


CONTRAIL – CHEMTRAIL MYSTERY SOLVED!! I was walking my dog the other day and the sky had clouds about 30 degrees up one side and 30 degrees up the other side. Where I am I have a 360 degree view of about 170 degrees across the sky. Almost half a sphere. About a half a dozen planes were crisscrossing the sky at various altitudes. Some going east/west, some going north south. A few eventually made their way through both cloudy sky, and clear sky. When I saw what the planes were leaving with their exhaust it hit me! There's no chemicals at all! The normal exhaust of an airplane is mostly water vapor. Our cars emit the same by-product. If a plane is flying through an area of the atmosphere that's conducive to forming clouds, the vapor will be held in place forming a long thin cloud. It's not seeding. It's just the pressure and such are in the right zones to hold it just like it's holding the cloud next to it. When a plane is flying through a drier zone – that's not conducive to forming clouds, the vapor will evaporate (no wonder how those two words go together so well) and dissipate into the atmosphere. Seeds go into the ground, not up in the sky.


07-23-2017 8:35:23 PM CST

Let's start the conversation, Yes?


07-22-2017 8:37:46 AM CST


Bad Baxter Television

For No Particular Reason