Our resident still photographer is Justin Thyme. A self taught genius of celluloid, he tries to have a camera ready most of the time. One thing he doesn’t need to do is set up shots because he sees so many around him already that are just screaming to be captured. He started many years ago with a 35mm SLR and had to be selective because film and developing was expensive.

He started out with two rules: 1) He doesn't set up shots and 2) the entire composition of the picture has to fit into the frame, no cropping. Since he’s discovered digital, he's added a third...no photoshop.

Now with digital he’s taking many more pictures and is able to enhance the contrast and saturation to help the image even more. He says it “deepens the electronic painting.” (Geez!) No doubt all the oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, ink and pencil artists around the globe are reading this and cringing. He just flips his scarf and grunts, "so what!"



Photographs on Digits



Lightning Strike

Here's an example of what enhancing the contrast and saturation does to a picture:

This is the raw shot:

And with a few strokes of the electronic hand paint pusher tool,

we can have an enriched photo like this one:

I liken it to putting on polarizer sunglasses or a polarizing filter on a camera.

It's pretty much what I did.

Taken on August 13, 2017, circa 5:30 pm.



Praying On The Road

I found him hitchhiking but I he couldn't tell me where he was going!



Parked Bicycle

What? You need a description of a parked bicycle?




Mathematics just oozing with age



Old York Wall

This is part of a very old wall. The clouds really give it the old Europe aura, no?



Bols Scents

This is a display of unmarked scents at the Bols Experience in Amsterdam.

Your challenge is to identify each scent. Wonderful place to visit.



Canal Alley

The beauty of the canals in Amsterdam



Coffee Shop Stairs

While enjoying my first coffee shop visit.




Taken while sitting in the same chair as I was with Coffee Shop Stairs. This is one of my top five favorites. Amsterdam street sign with a bicycle, and the tones are calming.




This little guy landed perfectly for me in my own back yard!




This was taken while following a curve of the train tracks near Stonehaven, Scotland.



Reflection of a Mannequin

"Who are...Are we...But you're not...You couldn't be...Are you...Are we?..."

"Who are...Are we...But you're not...You couldn't be...Are you...Are we?..."



Arizona Memorial

And there's still oil bubbling up from the ship's tanks.




With London fog and everything!



Beach Huts

This row of beach huts are on the East Coast of the North Sea at Knokke-Heist, Belgium.



Headless Angel

This is a statue in an Aberdeen museum.

The original shot was pale grays and whites.

The purples and pinks appeared when I boosted the color saturation.



Marigold Flutterby

I followed this fluttering bug around this one flower for about six shots. This is the pearl!



Bath Castle

I love the way they light up castles in the twilight and darker.



Geometry X2

This conctrete jungle has Style!



Passion Flowers

The description in the catalog said these would bloom in their third year,

This occured after one!



Christ Embrace

One day I walked upon this combo of Christ holding a child, a light,

and a church steeple rising into the heavens. 'Nuff said.



London Evening

I loved this silhouette while the sun was setting.



Willow Canal

The best preserved medieval city in Europe, Brugge.


Kalapaki Beach

Surfin' off Kaua'i at one of my favorite places on the planet



From putting out fires to making them.


Travel Guide

Which way would you like to go today?



Bird on Boat

Just as I dropped the camera from my face he flew away.


Old and New

From the old springs new. Progress. (This is not photo shopped!)


Color Flags

A bit of vibrant color on stoic masonry.



London Phone Booth

The iconic British Booth awaiting it's entrance to the British Museum.



Spa Train Station

Where "Spa" came from!



A Rose Out Of Lava

What beauty can grow from a 1992 volcanic catastrophy!



Brussel Centraal

The Belgian Subway / Tube / Metro / Tunnel Train




Looks like this little zebra can't play in any zebra games.



Ancient Hallway

Chaco Canyon, New Mexico

(8/23/17, I just saw this same photo in the Wikipedia description of Chaco Canyon.)



Warped Wall

I found this wall somewhere along the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland. If you stare at it long enough the random shapes can look like they're blisters on a flat surface.



State Fair Mantis

I named this guy Sheldon for some reason. After a few shots around him he looked at me. I wish I knew what he was thinking.



Wavy Wood

A giant wood sculpture in the middle of London.



Thank you for your perusals. I hope you enjoyed the images.


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