Our resident still photographer is Justin Thyme. A self taught genius of celluloid, he tries to have a camera ready most of the time. One thing he doesn’t need to do is set up shots because he sees so many around him already that are just screaming to be captured. He started many years ago with a 35mm SLR and had to be selective because film and developing was expensive.

He started out with two rules: 1) He doesn't set up shots and 2) the entire composition of the picture has to fit into the frame, no cropping. Since he’s discovered digital, he's added a third...no photoshop.

Now with digital he’s taking many more pictures and is able to enhance the contrast and saturation to help the image even more. He says it “deepens the electronic painting.” (Geez!) No doubt all the oil, acrylic, pastel, charcoal, ink and pencil artists around the globe are reading this and cringing. He just flips his scarf and grunts, "so what!"




Photographs on Film




I actually saw this picture from a walkway crossing the pond on the other side of the birds. Above the top of the picture.



Paris Bridge 

The river Seine. To the right is the Notre Dame Cathedral.



Flight Over Puget Sound

Shot from a park along Beach Drive in West Seattle.



Tequila Bug    

Yeah, I know it's not the actual plant but it makes a good title.



Mount Vernon I


Mount Vernon II

Two shots of Puget Sound facing north. Mount Vernon on the right,

Anacortes on the left.



Vail Bloom

Taken in a garden in Vail, Colorado.




Just south of Spokane is farm country.



Tucson FireSky

I saw this developing while driving home from work. I shot a whole roll and this one slammed me in the face.



Cashmere Street

Cashmere, Washington. Near the Aplets & Cotlets factory.



Paris Bird

I originally started this shot as a vertical with the building behind the branches. The bird landed where you see it and I adjusted the shot to the one here. It's about 50 feet away so there's a lot of zoom. He turned his head toward me, I clicked the shutter and just an instant after he flew away.



Bear Head Rock

Found while hiking the hills of Sedona, Arizona.



Manito Blooms

Shot from the ground at Manito Park in Spokane, Washington.



Tall Trees

This is what getting caught in a backed up highway can yield.



Old Farm

This was at the same backed-up highway stop.



State Fair


Southwest Cafe

Nothing more to say here.



Blur Boy

While playing with my nephew. As he came around my left side I caught this.



Yakima Corral

On the outskirts of Yakima, Washington.



Cortez Sunset

From Kino Bay across the Sea of Cortez, Mexico.



Thank you for your perusals. I hope you enjoyed the images.


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