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The best thing Trump has done as president is to show future presidents what not to do.




Please stop saying "show off" when a man lifts something heavy after you've asked him to help you.

It's VERY insulting.

Better yet, do it yourself and stop asking us to help you because

you all want to be liberated and equal to men.



NOTE: If everyone is special, then by default, no one is special.


QUIZ #01


How to tell if you're a racist.


If you're European-American (white) and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're African-American (black) and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Hispanic-American (brown) and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Mediterranean-American (dark brown) and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Asian-American (yellow) and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Native-American (red) and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Other-American (chartreuse) and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.

If you're Alien-American (a purplish green, sometimes gray, scaly or smooth, glossy or matte)

and you promote yourself BECAUSE of your race, you are a racist.



In general

Politics and religion are the two biggest scams in world history with insurance and diamonds a close third and fourth.



Free Speech

I remember when I was a kid in the late sixties and early seventies the Cold War was in full swing. The country had recently put the McCarthy debacle behind them but the tension was still there. We didn't know it at the time but that and Cuba were the worst of The Cold War experience.

When it came to letting Communists speak in this country it was met with quite the same opposition that we see today against the white supremacists. The advice I heard for dealing with hearing communists speak was to let them say what they had to say so you can see clearly that it's not for you. You gain knowledge personally of the side you only previously knew from propaganda (anything you don't experience yourself, first hand, is propaganda) and you get to decide for yourself what's right for you. I believe there would be far more people getting turned off by the rhetoric of hate than would be swayed by it. The lies would out and truth and love would rise to the top.



The United States is NOT a "Christian" Nation

Many have said that the US is a Christian nation. Their only evidence is that there are more Christians than those of other faiths. I myself would not hesitate to say that over 50% of the population call themselves Christian. However, the first amandment to the Constitution itself it says, " Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." Therefore, the United States is by definition pluralistic.




It amazes me how many gun proponents, who act like they'd rather die than give up their gun, who sit on the second amendment as their God given right to do so, can't recite three words that are key to the purpose of the second amendment..."well regulated militia." They want to preserve and use the second amendment but they don't want to regulate anything. W-w-w-WHAT?

The reason the second amendment is there in the first place was because the US had no army. They needed people to be armed in case of attack. Likely from the british.  Logical. That's how most countries went about that part of society. We have a military now. The largest and best in the world. I don't mind hunting (as long as you use as much as possible) for sport, but using automatic weapons takes all that out!



Minimum Wage

A while back a co-worker made a mind boggling statement...

“If we raise the minimum wage from $10 to $15, that's a 50% increase," She said, "then those making a million dollars a year will get one-and-a-half million. And prices would go up 50%. The economy wouldn't be able to support that.”

After shaking the absurdity out of my brain I said, “Okay then, how do you explain the fact that the minimum wage has remained stagnant during the last ten years while the income of the wealthy has risen exponentially?” Of course, she couldn't explain that, maybe she didn't know what exponentially meant.) She turned to saving face. “Okay, smart ass, what do you think would happen?”

I pulled out my imaginary white board from behind my back and proceeded to give her an economics lesson, “If you give a rich person an extra thousand dollars, what are they going to do with it? They're going to put it in the bank and leave it there because they already have all the money they need to get whatever they need or want. If you give a poor person an extra thousand dollars they'll take it out and spend it because they have a long list of needs (let alone wants) that haven't been met yet. The money continues to be circulated in the economy because 99% of the population are in this situation, more product is sold, stores have to order more widgets, manufacturers have to make more widgets, and their businesses grow naturally, the way it was before all the manipulation.”

"Trickle down economics is when you have three dogs and you give three hot dogs to one and expect it to pass them to the other two dogs." (I think it was Bill Maher who said something like this. It was in a YouTube video. Please correct me if I'm wrong, or assure me if I'm right. Thank you.)



Corporate Taxes

The proponents of corporate tax cuts are the same people who want the country to revert back to the fifties. Except when it comes to corporate tax cuts. Back then, when the economy was flourishing, from '52-'63 was the highest corporate tax rate ever at 52% (except one year in the 60s at 52.8%.) [Corporation Income Tax Brackets and Rates, 1909-2002, IRS.]

The same action described in the minimum wage model is played here as well. If a corporation has a high tax rate it encourages them to reinvest and expnad their business. If they have a low tax rate they are more inclined to keep the money themselves and not reinvest. That's why companies grew so well in the fifties. They kept investing and expanding. They saw their choice, either give the money to the IRS or give the money to their company's success.



Donald Trump

Donald Trump is imploding. The reason is he's been the sole sayer all is adult life and now he's met his match. He's now dealing with people who don't necessarily have to agree with him nor do as he says. He doesn't know how to handle this.

Pardons by the president are for those that have already been convicted. 'Nuff said?

Why doesn't Don propose to Congress the same health care system that Australia has (not to mention the other 28 industrialized nations as well.). He said himself it was better than ours. The reason is ours is controlled by people who don't want to give up the massive profits they are making. They don't care about people who they don't know. That's at least three hundred million! They have to make sure they have more than enough money to have more than enough money so they can have more than ehough money. And screw everyone else. These are people who pose as Christians for marketing purposes. They may even go to church. But they don't see the God in all of us like Jesus does. They are number one and screw the rest. Donald Trump is the pinacle of this personality type. How so proud of themselves that they are.



Alternative Facts

There's a word for “alternative facts,” it's called fiction. Promoters of alternative facts are showing themselves to be overt liars. “I'm going to lie right to your face and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.” Except be blinded by arrogance.



Why the 99% still need unions

In the dawn of the personal computer revolution...before it all started...I'm thinking late eighties early nineties...there was an article that estimated that by using this new tool, the working/personal computer, we can shorten our work week from 40 hours to 27 hours and have a lot more free time on our hands. What this study didn't take into consideration was industrial competition and greed.

Anyone who works for another or others, the larger the company the more intense the practice, know that 99% of them will push the boundaries of law and morality to the edge against its' workers on a daily basis. Their only reason they are with the company is to find any and all ways to squeeze another dime into the bottom line. Unless they are participating in the actual physical operation of the business, that is their sole task...everyday...8-10 hours at work and the rest of the day– at minimum – thinking up more strategies if not working past ten hours.

One method is to hound workers into going faster and faster and be more productive...on a daily basis. Where they saw you make 100 widgets in 40 hours they'll want 110 next week. When you make 110 in 40 hours they'll now want 120. And so on. If you have 45 hours of work to do in a given week, they will make sure you get as close to 40 hours as they can see you all the way to the finish line.



The Electoral College

The electoral college should be abolished. It is absolutely unnessesary. The president is running for a federal office. It shouldn’t matter what state you live in. It’s not right that a small pocket of 500 people in one state is able to effectively wipeout 5 million votes cast across the rest of the country. (Circa 2000) With all the latest inventions like counting machines and talking across electrical wires and the like, now it’s a lot easier to tally the votes and send them to headquarters. When the system was set up horses, and then trains, were the fastest means of communication. Originally, the method was set up to prevent the "stupid public" from selecting morons. That type of mentality is antiquaited as well.



Medical Expenses

All medical expenses should be tax deductible in their entirety. This crap that it has to be over five percent of your income is bogus. One year I personally had a $4,700 bill for only four hours of total hospital time. The standard deduction was $5,200. I couldn’t deduct any of the cost of the operation let alone whether it was 5% or not! Bogus I say, BOGUS!


The actual problem is not "How to pay for it?" but "Why does it cost so much in the first place?" When one works hard all day and makes in a day what medicine makes in ten minutes, it's hard not to see such an imbalance.



Peace on Earth will come when...

...enough people in enough seats of power in enough countries will know that we are all energetic extensions of the same Creative Source. That we are each individually responsible for our own actions, and that we do reincarnate to learn different lessons on earth or elsewhere, before progressing to whatever the next step is. (No doubt the next step will be as different for everyone as their paths were here on earth.) 

These enlightened people of power will do what’s good for everyone and not just themselves and those who give them "valuables." They will know that there’s enough dirt for everyone and won’t keep taking it away from others. 

Someday these people will come.





Getting married on Independence Day

A business school going out of business.


We have a first amendment guaranteeing freedom of speech - and the FCC, who regulates it.

We have the second amendment guaranteeing the right to bear arms - and the NRA, who won't regulate it.

Am I the only one who thinks this is twisted?




I graduated from high school in 1977. I had seen every broadcast of SNL since the very first episode with George Carlin. I was a big fan of Chevy Chase and pratfalls.

In our high school's history of commencement ceremonies there have been firecrackers lit under seats, and greased pigs let loose among the crowd, just to mention two. My last name begins with a “V” so I was near the end of the three hundred students getting their walking papers. All the while I was waiting to see what would happen this time. Streaking was popular at the time so that was a good bet.

Nothing had happened by the time the reading of the list got to me. I was disappointed. But I had something planned. I told one person, Scott Schaefer, so he would take a picture of it. I followed the line onto the stage, got my roll of paper, and proceeded to walk down the ramp from the center of the stage to go back to my seat. When I hit the top of the ramp I hooked my foot behind the other and tripped and slid into the two graduates in front of me. The whole crowd in the arena heaved a collective giant gasp! I quickly stood up and raised my arms triumphantly. When the crowd realized it was planned they all laughed. Behind me I could hear one of the student officers say. “I knew he was going to do something like that.”

Two months later I was sitting on a bus stop bench when a girl I had never seen before, maybe a sophomore or junior, sat next to me. We were the only people waiting for the bus. A minute went by without a word when she perked up, “I heard you got twenty dollars for falling down the ramp.”


“I heard two guys paid you ten bucks apiece to fall down the ramp at graduation.”

I told her nobody paid me anything.

“That's what I heard.” Like she knew what happened.

Five months later, seven months after the event, I walked into a new Denny's type coffee shop that had just been built a few months earlier, same area of town. It was my first time there. I took a seat at the counter and the waitress, who I'd never seen before, walked up with her pot of coffee in one hand and a pot of decaf in the other. “So,” she said, “ Did you get your seventy dollars for falling down the ramp?”


I heard seven guys paid you ten bucks apiece for falling down the ramp at graduation.”

“Nobody paid me anything.” I protested.

“That's what I heard.” as she walked away thinking she knows what happened.

This all taught me that rumors are evil. They place erroneous thoughts into peoples' minds to the degree that no matter what empirical evidence is slapping them in the face they still end up believing what another party said rather than the horse's mouth itself.




In the beginning God said, "BANG!" The creation has been evolving ever since. Nothing can ever exist without having been thought of first. We are all energetic extensions of the same Creative Source. Whether you call this entity "God" or "Allah" or Great Spirit" or whatever, it's still the same entity. The reason we fight amongst ourselves is because very few see the big picture and so we only know what we see, and that's limited. Since we don't want to be wrong in case God doesn't like "disbelievers" we fight those who disagree with us.

Here we will explore that which was not written in (or left in) the "Books." Things that can only be learned through experience. As the saying goes, "If you get it, no explaination is necessary, if you don't get it, none will suffice." I think it was Louis Armstrong saying that about jazz back in the fities or so.




I believe that it is the obligation and duty...of every decent man...every brave woman...and every cognitive chid...every red blooded American and even every red blooded Non American! ensure that the objects that support them in their business..are in the most appropriate...and most reliable position handle the support and assistance...of the task at hand...BEFORE they begin performing the task.





Kids liking to make and play in tents is a subconcious desire to recreate the comfort of being in the womb.





Knowing is easy...learning is the hard part.

In the beginning God said, "BANG!" The creation has been evolving ever since.

Nothing can ever exist without having been thought of first.


God didn't make our borders...we did.


Whenever someone says “Have a nice day,” or words to that effect, one should reply with, “You have a better one!”

Some people say we live in a strange or crazy world. I then wonder what world they are comparing our world to?


Forever is composed of an infinite number of nows.

Why wouldn't one judge a book by reading the cover? Isn't that where a description is?


I can go without anything as long as I have something to replace it.

We'll know when there will be no more TV channels added to the mix when we get the "Petri Dish Channel."

We can't have a drug free America with aspirin.


As we cower, the terrorists win


The problem with government is they want us to be as dumb as they are.


I remember learning in Sunday school when I was nine or ten that God wants you to know Him. How can one settle for ‘faith’ and ‘belief’ when the pursuit is knowledge 


The 'super string' in the super string theory is the vibration of thought or intent. It is what moves energy to reshape matter, maybe.


When I was twenty-four I inadvertently saw a naked 49 year old woman. I thought to myself, 'there's my new limit!'


As was already stated above, it is the responsibility of each individual person to make sure that the toilet seat is in the correct position for their own particular need before they use it.”




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