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Mark Stephen

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Go Figure

Mark Stephen - Bass   Ed Cooper - Guitar   Mike Hammett - Drums



Secret Agent Man by Johnny Rivers

Psycho Killer by Talking Heads

Stray Cat Strut by The Stray Cats

Go Figure

Mark Stephen - Bass   Ed Cooper - Guitar   Mike Hammett - Drums


Baxter's First Solo - Music by Mark Stephen



more to come...



Here's an album I recorded as the band

Bad Baxter

*I can send mp3s through email. Only cash or check. $10*

*write to badbaxter11@yahoo.com if interested*


Song titles and how they were written:

1. Gray Flannel Suit

I was working in the mailroom of an insurance underwriter encased in an eleven story building when I wrote this song.

2. Walkin'
While on vacation from work for a week (still at the same mailroom) I wrote this while walking along Garvey Ave. east of South Atlantic Blvd. I lived a couple blocks away at the time. The rest of the story is rated R so I hid it somwhere else in the website. look for an *.

3. Don't Toss Away
This has every appearance of being jilted by a girl but it's actually about a band kicking me out. Of course there's more to that story too but that's in the future.

4. Get Me Down
I wrote this during my cynical period. It only took twenty minutes to write.

5. Hell Bent for Leather
This was written by our friends Rick & Nick. And we get to play it!

6. Herlindarosa
I once worked with a girl who was an angel. She became even more attractive as I got to know her. I found upon asking her out that she was taken. She has the first recording.

7. Keep Some More
I met a girl, we hit it off. I wanted to impress her so I offered to cook for her. I planned and shopped for three courses including the flower and candle. When I got to her door the note read, "I have to go to the airport to pick up my boyfriend." The song was finished in my head by the time I got home.

8. Sweetie Heat
This was inspired by a co-worker in the same mailroom because of his nickname for everybody. I can't remember his name but James C. knows who I'm talking about. He also knows the original title! This too took only twenty minutes to write.

9. Superstar
This came near the beginning of my band participation career - after six years of practicing - during my optimistic period.

10. (Jed) Clampett in the Sky
I don't remember when I first brought these two iconic songs together. One of the benefits of being able to hear music at will in my head, I guess. The lyrics also match up with another song which I'll do later. - by Paul Henning and Stan Jones - used with permission.

All songs written and/or performed and/or produced and/or engineered by: Baxter and/or Edward Cooper and/or Richard Raymond and/or Mark S. Van Hise unless otherwise noted.



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